Wedding Series: The day is finally here!


The wedding day is finally here and this is where all the hard work and planning comes to life!  This is the time where all the vendors come together and work with each other to give the bride and groom the day they deserve.  At this point the bride is putting you fully in charge to make sure that this day goes as planned.  The bride has enough to worry about, as far as looking perfect, it is now your job as the wedding planner to make sure that no detail goes unmissed and everyone is staying on the scheduled time table that you created beforehand.

Making sure that this day you planned so much for goes smoothly is key to doing the job of a wedding planner successfully.  You have to be able to deal with setbacks, people not following the time schedule, and any other little mishaps that can happen on the day of the wedding.  A wedding planner needs great communication skills to make sure that everything and everyone gets into their right place, but along with that, they need great problem solving skills.  If you, as the wedding planner, cannot solve problems as they arise you will fail in your industry.  No amount of planning or organizing can ensure total success of the event.  You have no control over external factors or other issues that happen during the event and you need to make sure that you have the proper backup plans in order and be able to think quickly on your feet.  I have been to numerous weddings where the people did not have a backup plan for things such as weather going wrong for an outside ceremony.  We had to sit outside through the freezing cold and rain drops because there was no other place to move the ceremony.  You cannot depend on Mother Nature to cooperate just because it is a wedding.

Keeping up with all the plans and people that day can be a lot, especially if it is a wedding of great magnitude.  Make sure that you have your book or IPad, however you keep your information organized, with you at all times.  To ensure that every detail is taken care of, go over your list and notes multiple times before the actual event and leave enough time in between the final product and the display of the event to fix anything that has been missed in the setting up process.  Let everyone know of the timing for how the day is going to go and communicate with the vendors, bridal party, and parents what is happening when and where each group of people needs to be.  If everyone knows their role and how they are contributing to the success of the event, it will be less that you have to worry about because you will know that everyone is on the same page.

By staying on your toes and knowing the event and how it is supposed to go, you will make this day beautiful.  Even if dilemmas or conflicts occur you will be able to handle them in a manner that still makes the event successful.  Remember to let the bride and groom enjoy their day and you do your job to the best way you know how!


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Wedding Series: You have a very big job!

Weddings are planned based off of budgets and the set wedding date.  Keeping organized and involved is key to planning a beautiful wedding for the bride and groom.  If you are an organized and tentative event planner it will make the wedding planning process for the couple much smoother.  There are so many things to know and do as a wedding planner.  You are hired most likely because the bride needs help!  Wedding planning can be very overwhelming and even too much for some people to handle and that is where your expertise and talents are needed.

There are so many details to a wedding; everything from how the ceremony goes to what events are traditional at the reception.  It is a lot to know and there are so many ways of doing things these days, it is important to share your knowledge with the happy couple so that they can best decide how they want their day to go.  By knowing all these facts, information, and traditions, this can extremely relieve stress off of the couple.  Being creative also plays a huge role in your position as a wedding planner.  I would prefer to have an super creative person plan my wedding instead of a planner that is nice but also does not know how to think outside of the box.  Creativity is what ignites this wonderful process and turns each wedding in to a unique event that belongs to the couple.  Finding that creativity can be a little difficult at times, but I have found that if you are truly loving what you do then it just can flow!  I think a lot of creativity comes from meeting the couple and getting to know them.  Finding distinctive characteristics about a person or a couple can create that niche that you want in your events; it is what makes that event so memorable.  Through having your own creativity, you can help bring out the couple’s imaginative side so that their vision and dreams really do come true.  You want this wedding to be more than they ever thought it would be.  Taking their ideas and adding creativity it will make their day what they wanted plus more.  I love that feeling when you create something the couple didn’t even know they wanted until they met you!

The wedding planning process should be fun and not work.  It should be something that is created and not just planned.  Take your talent and perform to your best ability.  Show your love for wedding planning through your work and personality.   Keep the couple happy and stress free! 

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Wedding Series: Where to make the cuts!


As a wedding planner it is your job to take the bride’s and groom’s budget and make it work.  A budget is meant to be taken seriously and worked with by the planner.   It is your responsibility to sit down with the couple and find out what is most important to them, make sure you know the musts!  I have found that there are many places in weddings to cut costs so that the extra money can go into something that the couple really wants and maybe even make something real that the couple didn’t think they could afford in the beginning.

My favorite place to cut costs is with the cake.  I found that most grocery store bakery’s do an exceptional job that looks beautiful and tastes great, and all for an even more wonderful price!  Having a small cake made is also a great way to save money even if it won’t feed all your guests.  The bakery can make sheet cakes to put in the back that can be served during the reception and no one will ever know the difference.  Another great thing to do with the cake is get it simple and bring in your own decorations to the baker, an idea could be finding ribbon that fits each tier or having the florist put some left over flowers on top.  The venue is another great way to cut costs.  You could suggest to the couple that they could get married on either a Friday or Sunday, instead of the ever so popular Saturday.  The price of the venue is usually cut down tremendously and there is a good chance that changing the date to a Friday or Sunday will help cut down the number of guests attending as well.  This would save money overall in every aspect of the wedding planning.  Let’s face it, weddings add up in price from day one until the big day.  Most people do not realize how much money is spent on the smaller details such as stationary and stamps.  All the stationary and stamps for the different invitations like: save-the-dates, showers, parties, response cards, and the actual wedding invitation.  A good way to save some bucks in this department is to possibly send out E-invites, or internet sent cards, this is usually free and can be sent to all your friends and family.  Creating a wedding website that contains all the necessary information that is usually sent in the wedding invitation such as response cards, hotel information, and things to do in the area will cut down that extra paper and weight of the invitation.  Remember to check the weight of all postal mail that you are sending to make sure that each invitation only needs one stamp because stamps can add up!

Using these simple tricks is a great way to help save your couple money and no one will be able to tell where the costs were cut.  Your couple will be extremely happy and grateful that they have such a money savvy wedding planner and they will have more money to spend on things they really want or a little extra money to save!


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Wedding Series: Picking the right people for the job!

"Father of The Bride"


Being an event planner, in my opinion, is about who you know in the “business.”  Especially when it comes to wedding planning, you are responsible for finding the right people for the job!  Vendors can definitely make or break a wedding and the vendors that you recommend or choose for that day are a direct reflection on you as the wedding planner.  There are so many vendors needed for these types of events; a photographer, videographer, disc jockey, baker, caterer, venue coordinator, and that is just to name a few!  It is part of your business as the planner to network and meet the different vendors in the “business.”

Forming relationships with the different wedding people is a very crucial part in this industry.  It will be more beneficial to you as the planner also if someone chooses to hire you and likes your work; they will trust your judgment in the vendors you like and make your job easier by hiring your “business” friends to work the wedding.  By forming these relationships, it will also benefit you as the planner.  Prospects who visit any of the vendors first can be sent to you to plan their wedding.  It is a two way street and you want to structure as many different connections as possible.

As the planner you need to make sure that you are not forming relationships with just every person out there in the wedding industry.  You need to be picky and have the right to be choosy when it comes to deciding what vendors you like and don’t like.  You can even think about joining an organization or type of club to be a part of to get your name out there when couples are in the pre-searching part of their wedding planning.  Do your research when it comes to being a part of any community websites or associations.  Make sure the vendors on that website are what you would want to be associated with!  I can’t even begin to explain how many wedding association sites I have been on and if I do not like the first couple vendors I check out on the site, it tells me that I am probably not going to be happy with the rest and I do not want to spend any more time looking.  Most importantly, if you want to know and be associated with the best, which also means you as the planner will have to be the best!  You need value to add in order to get substance back!  You are the foundation that needs help from many people, so work hard on forming strong relationships with great people that will do their job the way it should be done!

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Wedding Series: The Family!!

Make the day theirs!


As I mentioned in my previous post that you as the wedding planner have a tough job!  You are responsible for being not only the planner but also a mediator, communicator, and listener to the family.  Dealing with people, especially people who are extremely opinionated, is a very difficult job in general.  Now add a wedding to plan for two hundred plus guests, a time constraint, and a budget to follow; you have your work cut out for you!

It is your job as the wedding planner to make sure that your bride and groom are happy during the planning process.  This can be an extremely stressful time for both the bride and groom.  They both have a lot on their plates.  It is not only about hosting a beautiful party; it is about blending two families together as one.  So as this fabulous planner, you should make sure that your couple is handling the families inputs well and making sure that this day is really about the couple.   You can do this by sitting down with the bride and groom and just get to know the couple first.  Learn how they interact with one another and how involved the other families will be in the planning of the wedding.  Once you know the couple ask them what they want their special day to look like.  Get that vision they want and strive to be more; or help them dream a vision they didn’t even know they wanted!   Also, taking notes is a vital step in this process so that you do not forget what you talked about and you can best recap the meeting at the end.  Secondly, you need to know exactly what are the most important things, ideas, or must- haves at this wedding.  You not only want to please the other people who will have ideas and wants, but most important is keeping what is special to the bride and groom so that they will feel like this day belongs to them and no one else!

Dealing with the crazy family can be a huge obstacle when planning a wedding.  This is the time when great people and communication skills are needed and used often.  You are hired to plan a wedding usually by the bride and groom, this also means you will probably have a few more bosses than you expected.  I mean the family and friends who are also involved in the wedding, some will think that you work for them as well.  So just remember to state often who the wedding is about and what a wedding is about, in the nicest way possible.  Communicate frequently with all people involved with the planning and make sure everyone feels included.  Be strong and confident with your talents and job; do not make promises that you can’t keep or that the couple does not want.  This will help take off that extra pressure off of the bride and groom; and will make this time in their lives a more pleasant process than they imagined.  Make sure that this special day remains theirs and no one else’s.

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Wedding Series: The Beginning

Weddings have to be my ultimate favorite events to plan and attend!  I absolutely love them, from any size, budget, or decor.  I can’t even begin to explain the magic and romance behind these types of events.  First off, I think that the meaning of a wedding is most important and the commitment of two people to one another; also a great party doesn’t hurt either!  So exactly how does someone start to event plan a wedding?

The first step of actually starting the wedding planning process is the most difficult.  This is the time when many ideas are developing from many different people, and might I add, all of them are not necessarily on the same thought page.  Making everyone happy, heard, and included has to be the hardest part of the whole wedding planning process.

As the wedding planner, it is your job to take many roles throughout the process of planning.  You have to be the event planner that is organized, confident, and amazing at what they do.  You have to be the referee, communicator, and listener between the many opinions that will get bestowed upon you during the planning.  Planning starts with involving the most important people during this stage.  For a wedding this usually involves the bride- to- be, her future groom, her family (mostly her mom), and his family.  There are so many people throughout the whole wedding planning process.  It starts off hard in the beginning and only keeps going until that party is over and your job as the planner is complete.   There is so much more to your job than just planning a beautiful party, you need to take on many roles to make your event happen!

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Creating an Experience

You want your events to not only obtain beauty and style but also create an experience.  Experiences stick with people and make lasting and memorable impressions.  So exactly does creating an experience mean?

An experience can mean many things to different people.  My definition of a good experience is something that makes someone stop and take the moment in.  It is something that makes me “aww” and “ooh” over the details and little quaint touches.  An experience will help capture your audience and take them into a new place.

So exactly how do you create that magical and unforgettable experience?  You create that experience through anything such as: lighting, food, decor, design, entertainment, favors, people, and anything that makes something a good experience.  Most people do not expect the something little to create an experience, but no matter the budget or size, you can create a good experience for your guests.  Lighting is one of my favorite things to do at an event!  It can take people into another environment depending on the color, brightness, and placement.  It really is something like that simple to turn your average event into an experience.    Food can really make an event.  People tend to socialize over yummy food and drinks.  You want your food to compliment you event and not ruin it.  Depending on the time and nature of the event you want to choose your food selection carefully.  There are so many options or even an option to not have food at all.  It is really up the planner and the client, but just remember to make sure it is a asset to the experience.

Anything really can be your event experience, you just want to make sure that you leave a good, lasting, and memorable experience for everyone attending the event.  You as the event planner, the company, or the host want people to leave saying good things about your event and want people to come back if you host another event for that same wonderful experience.

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