That Difference Could Be YOU!!!

03 Dec

In some of my previous posts I have blogged about events for a cause.  I am a strong supporter of great causes and truly believe that people can make a difference in the world if they work hard enough!  Recently, I have been introduced to a great cause who was founded by a member of my extended family called thirstees.

Thirttees is a movement to provide people with clean drinking water through the purchase of high quality t-shirts.  The thirstees movement is partnered with a well respected organization, Thirst Relief International.  Thirst Relief International is a non-profit organization that constructs wells, bios, and filters throughout Africa and South America to provide clean drinking water.

Thritees was started because one person wanted to help make a difference in the world and contribute to a cause that affects over one billion people.  Through the purchase of one t-shirt you can help provide one person with 25 years of clean drinking water.  This is a movement to end thirst among many people who are dying from water caused diseases each year.

I think that this way of buying t-shirts in exchange for donating profits towards drinking water is a great way to start off.  Instead of throwing a one-time or annual event for the cause that would cost money and take time to plan, this is the most optimal way to start out this new movement.  I think that eventually this movement has potential to be very successful and will make a great difference in the world.  However, they need your help!  Be a part of something great!  Make a difference through buying a t-shirt and spreading the word!  Know that a little can go a long way and if everyone works together we can make a difference! Happy Holidays and enjoy drinking your clean water!

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