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That Difference Could Be YOU!!!

In some of my previous posts I have blogged about events for a cause.  I am a strong supporter of great causes and truly believe that people can make a difference in the world if they work hard enough!  Recently, I have been introduced to a great cause who was founded by a member of my extended family called thirstees.

Thirttees is a movement to provide people with clean drinking water through the purchase of high quality t-shirts.  The thirstees movement is partnered with a well respected organization, Thirst Relief International.  Thirst Relief International is a non-profit organization that constructs wells, bios, and filters throughout Africa and South America to provide clean drinking water.

Thritees was started because one person wanted to help make a difference in the world and contribute to a cause that affects over one billion people.  Through the purchase of one t-shirt you can help provide one person with 25 years of clean drinking water.  This is a movement to end thirst among many people who are dying from water caused diseases each year.

I think that this way of buying t-shirts in exchange for donating profits towards drinking water is a great way to start off.  Instead of throwing a one-time or annual event for the cause that would cost money and take time to plan, this is the most optimal way to start out this new movement.  I think that eventually this movement has potential to be very successful and will make a great difference in the world.  However, they need your help!  Be a part of something great!  Make a difference through buying a t-shirt and spreading the word!  Know that a little can go a long way and if everyone works together we can make a difference! Happy Holidays and enjoy drinking your clean water!

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Finding Your Signature


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I think every event planner should make their events known and partly a little theirs.  For all the hard work that they put into these events, there should be something that they add as their own little special touch.  Through adding something signature to all events, it will help distinguish their events from other planner’s.

Finding your signature is something that should be given a lot of time and consideration.  It should be something that represents you as a planner, person, and professional.  It should be something that guests can easily recognize as your event, but also not clash with the event that is planned.  You signature should consist of a small touch that can be displayed at the event.

I think adding your signature to any event is important to help people see and know your work.  I think it is almost like mini advertising for you and your services that you can offer.  If guest like your work and can pick out your work, you will have a good chance of getting hired for another event.

Signatures can be anything from using certain products such as crystals, candles, certain flowers, or really anything that you incorporate into your events.  You can add a logo design somewhere in the event.  You can serve a certain food or drink that you like at every event.

By adding touches and signatures to your events, it will help distinguish and show your work.  It will make your name known in the industry and also recognized among avid event goers.  Find your signature and let it be known.

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