Don’t be Afraid of a Little Color!

26 Nov

I love colors when it comes to decorating events or having a theme!  Color can really make an event stand out and also help coordinate what type of an event it will be.  I think colors tell a lot about the host or the planner of the event.  I think that through color you can add personality, fun, emotion, and beauty to any event.  Just be careful not to add too much color to any event.  I like to keep it tasteful and have found that having one main color looks great with about two accent colors, this will keep the look classy and not tacky.  Finding colors that complement each other is also an important thing to remember.  Color will be something that guests remember about the event so choose your colors wisely.

Color is something the first thing that I like to pick out when designing an event.  I pick the main color that represents the event, client, or time of the season.  I think that color can really make an event special.  Planning an event like a wedding is a great place to choose color that represents the couple’s personality, that can be choosing bright fun colors like hot pinks and purples or having something a little more understated such as browns and whites.  Colors can also spark emotion, an example of emotional colors would be dark blues and deep purples to have a more dramatic feel to the evening or choosing colors in soft pinks and creams to have a more sweet feeling event.  The fun colors consist of bright yellows and oranges., really any colors that can usually be found in flowers or outside make for fun vibrant colors.

Be sure to watch the colors come together to make sure that it is not too much for the eye to look at or not look at.  You do not want to pick one color to fill the room, especially that of a very stand out color such as a lime green to cover the room.  Also, you do not want to pair too many colors together so that your event looks busy and tacky.  I like to keep it simple to one main color with two accent colors.  Little touches of the accent colors can really make the main color pop without being too much, especially if you choose colors that harmonize with that main color.

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By having color radiate through your event, it can dictate the type of event in which you are having.  Along with making that event memorable to guests.  Be careful when choosing colors and make sure to find colors that represent the event, client, or time of the event.  You want every ounce of color in the room to look coordinated and tasteful.  Don’t be afraid to use bright colors or dark colors, just make sure that you make it yours!

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