Black Friday Planning

25 Nov

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I sure did!  I want to tell you my experience shopping at midnight on Black Friday.  First off let’s talk about crowd control! I mean seriously these stores do not plan very well for mass amounts of people on this crazy night of shopping.  Also, placing “hot” ticket items in the middle of aisles is not great planning either.  On top of fighting with the crowds in search for that item you came out for the check-out lines were horrendous, almost made me want to put back the items I came for!  I think that there could be much better planning on the stores part to get a large amount of people through the store with more ease and efficiency.

Photo Credit: Bay News 9

At midnight on Thursday, I decided to venture out to Macys department store to find the perfect boots for the perfect price.  When I arrived, about 11:45 p.m. there was already a huge crowd waiting anxiously outside the store for the doors to open.  I couldn’t believe that there was a line at Macys!  I expect those lines at stores that have high ticket electronics, but not a home and clothing store.  The store said that they would not open until midnight and I did not want to stand outside with the huge crowd that I knew was going to go rushing through the doors; then to my surprise the doors opened early giving those people a so called head start on the items.  I think that this chaos of people running in could have been prevented by handing out tickets as soon as a line accumulated to let people know what order they would be let into the store.  This would have prevented the mad rush of people all at once.

Once inside the store and headed for the shoe section, there were boxes of shoes scattered from one end of the shoe department to the other!  The sales people had all the sizes of boots into one pile where people were grabbing up to five boxes of shoes not knowing what they had and didn’t have.  It was so crazy!  I think that it would have been better to have the types of shoes set up behind a worker who passes out the sizes and styles so that there could have been a little more order to the products and crowd.  Even if the shoes were distributed by sizes would have helped the people take the shoe they wanted from one pile and not be throwing boxes around left and right!  I was so overwhelmed by the people and shoes everywhere to find the boots I really wanted.

On top of all the people the high ticket items were placed in the aisles of the department store.  This is a great thought on normal shopping days when there are not a million crazy people in the store.  By the product placement in the aisles, it made for many road blocks that you could not get around because people were not budging until they got that item in hand.  Finally when it came to checking out the lines were extremely long, which also blocked of pathways to cross in the store.

Black Friday was very crazy and I only ended up with one small thing on my list!  I think that more stores need to better plan for the crowd and “hot” items.  However, if you like to people watch this was the place to be!  Even though my Black Friday shopping experience was crazy, I still enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about crowd control!

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