Need Skills to Complete Tasks…

18 Nov

Dealing with people is something that comes along with the event planning territory.  Working in groups to plan something or working with outside clients and vendors; you will come in contact with people every day in your job.  It is especially important to know how handle each person so that you are careful not to offend anyone or rub anyone the wrong way.  Interacting and communicating are skills that are needed to perform the tasks of the event planner job.  If a planner does not have the necessary ability or skills to complete the tasks, then the performance will rate low on the job.

Managing the room or being the head person on your planning team is great role to take on.  It is however very difficult to manage many different opinions, personalities, and tastes.  Learning about your team members is a great way to find out a little bit about them and open the door to communication.  Learning about your team is also a great way to find ways to motivate the different types of people to perform well and to help bring out their best abilities.  By getting to know your team on a more professional personal level, it will help show the team that you respect them along with them giving you respect back.  Knowing how to handle team conflict and differences in opinions is an extremely important skill to have because often times leaders lose control of their team and do not make effective use of their time on the project.  Being a strong leader is something that every event planner needs to have prior to performing their job in order to have that event be successful.

Putting up with clients and vendors is a little bit different than that of managing your planning team.  When it comes to clients or vendors, you have to be a little more tactful in your communication with them, so that you do not say anything that can be taken as offensive.  The skills needed to handle these people is strong communication and manners.  I think that too many times planners forget that they work for the clients and need to get hired in order to make money.  Also, making nice with vendors is imperative because as the planner you need the help of the other suppliers to make your job performance be seen as successful.  Learning, dealing, and knowing people are all excellent skills to have in order to perform the tasks on the job!

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