Events For a Cause

16 Nov


I have attended many charity events over the last few years.  I have also had the great pleasure to plan and help with some of them!  I think events for charity or for a cause are a great idea!  I love the idea of everyone who attends, participates, or donates to these events all have the same goal in mind.  That goal usually is to raise money for a wonderful cause!  There are many different ways of planning charity events and you have to find the best way that works for you and your cause.

Events for charity or causes are a great way to bring the community together.  Having these events in the area of the people or organizations who the event is for is great planning! Most people want to attend or help out at an event when the charity or cause hits close to home.  I have been very fortunate to grow up in a close community where everyone was a part of every event and we all would work together to reach our purpose!  I find it a little bit harder to do in bigger communities, so that is why it is important to plan the event where the possible attendees know the cause. Having that emotional connection to the event will help the success of it and also generate a bigger crowd.

There are many different ways to plan events for charities or causes.  A great way to start is to find companies or people who would be willing to donate items, money, or their time to your event, that way it can keep costs down so that most of the profits can go straight to the cause or charity.  The event you plan can be anything from auctions, where donated items are greatly needed  and appreciated, or raffles where people buy tickets to win donated items.  There can be events that are planned around dinner, where each person buys a plate.  I have done many things such as all night walks and raising money for each team that is walking.  Events for charity or causes is a great place to explore your creativity and love for helping other people or organizations.

I have found great experiences in planning and attending these types of events.  Usually they are a little harder to plan for because the budget is probably on the smaller side.  However, with enough time to plan and advertise, and adding creativity this event can happen.  It can be successful and if enough hard work goes into it, then the goals for the charity or the cause can be achieved.

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