Wedding Series: You have a very big job!

09 Nov

Weddings are planned based off of budgets and the set wedding date.  Keeping organized and involved is key to planning a beautiful wedding for the bride and groom.  If you are an organized and tentative event planner it will make the wedding planning process for the couple much smoother.  There are so many things to know and do as a wedding planner.  You are hired most likely because the bride needs help!  Wedding planning can be very overwhelming and even too much for some people to handle and that is where your expertise and talents are needed.

There are so many details to a wedding; everything from how the ceremony goes to what events are traditional at the reception.  It is a lot to know and there are so many ways of doing things these days, it is important to share your knowledge with the happy couple so that they can best decide how they want their day to go.  By knowing all these facts, information, and traditions, this can extremely relieve stress off of the couple.  Being creative also plays a huge role in your position as a wedding planner.  I would prefer to have an super creative person plan my wedding instead of a planner that is nice but also does not know how to think outside of the box.  Creativity is what ignites this wonderful process and turns each wedding in to a unique event that belongs to the couple.  Finding that creativity can be a little difficult at times, but I have found that if you are truly loving what you do then it just can flow!  I think a lot of creativity comes from meeting the couple and getting to know them.  Finding distinctive characteristics about a person or a couple can create that niche that you want in your events; it is what makes that event so memorable.  Through having your own creativity, you can help bring out the couple’s imaginative side so that their vision and dreams really do come true.  You want this wedding to be more than they ever thought it would be.  Taking their ideas and adding creativity it will make their day what they wanted plus more.  I love that feeling when you create something the couple didn’t even know they wanted until they met you!

The wedding planning process should be fun and not work.  It should be something that is created and not just planned.  Take your talent and perform to your best ability.  Show your love for wedding planning through your work and personality.   Keep the couple happy and stress free! 

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