Wedding Series: Where to make the cuts!

08 Nov


As a wedding planner it is your job to take the bride’s and groom’s budget and make it work.  A budget is meant to be taken seriously and worked with by the planner.   It is your responsibility to sit down with the couple and find out what is most important to them, make sure you know the musts!  I have found that there are many places in weddings to cut costs so that the extra money can go into something that the couple really wants and maybe even make something real that the couple didn’t think they could afford in the beginning.

My favorite place to cut costs is with the cake.  I found that most grocery store bakery’s do an exceptional job that looks beautiful and tastes great, and all for an even more wonderful price!  Having a small cake made is also a great way to save money even if it won’t feed all your guests.  The bakery can make sheet cakes to put in the back that can be served during the reception and no one will ever know the difference.  Another great thing to do with the cake is get it simple and bring in your own decorations to the baker, an idea could be finding ribbon that fits each tier or having the florist put some left over flowers on top.  The venue is another great way to cut costs.  You could suggest to the couple that they could get married on either a Friday or Sunday, instead of the ever so popular Saturday.  The price of the venue is usually cut down tremendously and there is a good chance that changing the date to a Friday or Sunday will help cut down the number of guests attending as well.  This would save money overall in every aspect of the wedding planning.  Let’s face it, weddings add up in price from day one until the big day.  Most people do not realize how much money is spent on the smaller details such as stationary and stamps.  All the stationary and stamps for the different invitations like: save-the-dates, showers, parties, response cards, and the actual wedding invitation.  A good way to save some bucks in this department is to possibly send out E-invites, or internet sent cards, this is usually free and can be sent to all your friends and family.  Creating a wedding website that contains all the necessary information that is usually sent in the wedding invitation such as response cards, hotel information, and things to do in the area will cut down that extra paper and weight of the invitation.  Remember to check the weight of all postal mail that you are sending to make sure that each invitation only needs one stamp because stamps can add up!

Using these simple tricks is a great way to help save your couple money and no one will be able to tell where the costs were cut.  Your couple will be extremely happy and grateful that they have such a money savvy wedding planner and they will have more money to spend on things they really want or a little extra money to save!


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