Wedding Series: Picking the right people for the job!

05 Nov

"Father of The Bride"


Being an event planner, in my opinion, is about who you know in the “business.”  Especially when it comes to wedding planning, you are responsible for finding the right people for the job!  Vendors can definitely make or break a wedding and the vendors that you recommend or choose for that day are a direct reflection on you as the wedding planner.  There are so many vendors needed for these types of events; a photographer, videographer, disc jockey, baker, caterer, venue coordinator, and that is just to name a few!  It is part of your business as the planner to network and meet the different vendors in the “business.”

Forming relationships with the different wedding people is a very crucial part in this industry.  It will be more beneficial to you as the planner also if someone chooses to hire you and likes your work; they will trust your judgment in the vendors you like and make your job easier by hiring your “business” friends to work the wedding.  By forming these relationships, it will also benefit you as the planner.  Prospects who visit any of the vendors first can be sent to you to plan their wedding.  It is a two way street and you want to structure as many different connections as possible.

As the planner you need to make sure that you are not forming relationships with just every person out there in the wedding industry.  You need to be picky and have the right to be choosy when it comes to deciding what vendors you like and don’t like.  You can even think about joining an organization or type of club to be a part of to get your name out there when couples are in the pre-searching part of their wedding planning.  Do your research when it comes to being a part of any community websites or associations.  Make sure the vendors on that website are what you would want to be associated with!  I can’t even begin to explain how many wedding association sites I have been on and if I do not like the first couple vendors I check out on the site, it tells me that I am probably not going to be happy with the rest and I do not want to spend any more time looking.  Most importantly, if you want to know and be associated with the best, which also means you as the planner will have to be the best!  You need value to add in order to get substance back!  You are the foundation that needs help from many people, so work hard on forming strong relationships with great people that will do their job the way it should be done!

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