Wedding Series: The Family!!

04 Nov
Make the day theirs!


As I mentioned in my previous post that you as the wedding planner have a tough job!  You are responsible for being not only the planner but also a mediator, communicator, and listener to the family.  Dealing with people, especially people who are extremely opinionated, is a very difficult job in general.  Now add a wedding to plan for two hundred plus guests, a time constraint, and a budget to follow; you have your work cut out for you!

It is your job as the wedding planner to make sure that your bride and groom are happy during the planning process.  This can be an extremely stressful time for both the bride and groom.  They both have a lot on their plates.  It is not only about hosting a beautiful party; it is about blending two families together as one.  So as this fabulous planner, you should make sure that your couple is handling the families inputs well and making sure that this day is really about the couple.   You can do this by sitting down with the bride and groom and just get to know the couple first.  Learn how they interact with one another and how involved the other families will be in the planning of the wedding.  Once you know the couple ask them what they want their special day to look like.  Get that vision they want and strive to be more; or help them dream a vision they didn’t even know they wanted!   Also, taking notes is a vital step in this process so that you do not forget what you talked about and you can best recap the meeting at the end.  Secondly, you need to know exactly what are the most important things, ideas, or must- haves at this wedding.  You not only want to please the other people who will have ideas and wants, but most important is keeping what is special to the bride and groom so that they will feel like this day belongs to them and no one else!

Dealing with the crazy family can be a huge obstacle when planning a wedding.  This is the time when great people and communication skills are needed and used often.  You are hired to plan a wedding usually by the bride and groom, this also means you will probably have a few more bosses than you expected.  I mean the family and friends who are also involved in the wedding, some will think that you work for them as well.  So just remember to state often who the wedding is about and what a wedding is about, in the nicest way possible.  Communicate frequently with all people involved with the planning and make sure everyone feels included.  Be strong and confident with your talents and job; do not make promises that you can’t keep or that the couple does not want.  This will help take off that extra pressure off of the bride and groom; and will make this time in their lives a more pleasant process than they imagined.  Make sure that this special day remains theirs and no one else’s.

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