Wedding Series: The Beginning

03 Nov

Weddings have to be my ultimate favorite events to plan and attend!  I absolutely love them, from any size, budget, or decor.  I can’t even begin to explain the magic and romance behind these types of events.  First off, I think that the meaning of a wedding is most important and the commitment of two people to one another; also a great party doesn’t hurt either!  So exactly how does someone start to event plan a wedding?

The first step of actually starting the wedding planning process is the most difficult.  This is the time when many ideas are developing from many different people, and might I add, all of them are not necessarily on the same thought page.  Making everyone happy, heard, and included has to be the hardest part of the whole wedding planning process.

As the wedding planner, it is your job to take many roles throughout the process of planning.  You have to be the event planner that is organized, confident, and amazing at what they do.  You have to be the referee, communicator, and listener between the many opinions that will get bestowed upon you during the planning.  Planning starts with involving the most important people during this stage.  For a wedding this usually involves the bride- to- be, her future groom, her family (mostly her mom), and his family.  There are so many people throughout the whole wedding planning process.  It starts off hard in the beginning and only keeps going until that party is over and your job as the planner is complete.   There is so much more to your job than just planning a beautiful party, you need to take on many roles to make your event happen!

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