Creating an Experience

29 Oct

You want your events to not only obtain beauty and style but also create an experience.  Experiences stick with people and make lasting and memorable impressions.  So exactly does creating an experience mean?

An experience can mean many things to different people.  My definition of a good experience is something that makes someone stop and take the moment in.  It is something that makes me “aww” and “ooh” over the details and little quaint touches.  An experience will help capture your audience and take them into a new place.

So exactly how do you create that magical and unforgettable experience?  You create that experience through anything such as: lighting, food, decor, design, entertainment, favors, people, and anything that makes something a good experience.  Most people do not expect the something little to create an experience, but no matter the budget or size, you can create a good experience for your guests.  Lighting is one of my favorite things to do at an event!  It can take people into another environment depending on the color, brightness, and placement.  It really is something like that simple to turn your average event into an experience.    Food can really make an event.  People tend to socialize over yummy food and drinks.  You want your food to compliment you event and not ruin it.  Depending on the time and nature of the event you want to choose your food selection carefully.  There are so many options or even an option to not have food at all.  It is really up the planner and the client, but just remember to make sure it is a asset to the experience.

Anything really can be your event experience, you just want to make sure that you leave a good, lasting, and memorable experience for everyone attending the event.  You as the event planner, the company, or the host want people to leave saying good things about your event and want people to come back if you host another event for that same wonderful experience.

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