Finding That Niche in Your Event

27 Oct

Courtesy of: Gran Melia Resorts Cancun              What does this event say about you?


Having that special something that stands out from the crowd can really make an event unique.  Having just one thing that takes your event to another level can really set a lasting impression for guests.  I think that every event should have a special niche that stands out.  I am a huge fan being unique and individual, especially when it comes to event planning.  I think that even the most boring or professional event should have that little individuality or personality to it.  I must say that it doesn’t need to be something completely extravagant that it breaks the bank, just something personal or exceptional that stands out.

I think my favorite events to go to have that little niche that makes those events belong to the host or organization.  For example a wedding I just went to the groom loved baseball and the bride incorporated detailed and personal baseball references throughout her elegant wedding.  The special touches were not too grand to take away from her elegant theme, but just enough to tie in that emotional connection that you felt to them by the end of the night.  The bride displayed the baseball niche tastefully and creatively, which made their wedding belong to them and no one else.  It was great to see it wasn’t the average cookie cutter wedding  by adding those unique characteristics that I have not seen at many other weddings.

As planners for other clients or for your own events, find what is personal and unique about yourself or your clients.  Bring that through to your events and make them something special.

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