How to Keep it Professional: Part 2!!

20 Oct

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So I have provided you as event planners a couple ways to keep your office parties professional.  My first helpful tip was to watch the alcohol, which is the most important tip in my opinion!  The second tip was do not lose that “work” theme, meaning to stay within the context of your organization and don’t forget who and what the party is for.  So let me share a couple more helpful tips to keeping it professional!

Tip #3:  Plan a party for a purpose!


Having a purpose to a party is a great way to keep those office get-togethers professional.  The purpose means plan something that is worth planning, do not just have an company party for the heck of it, I think that is a waste of valuable time and money.  The purpose should be something special like the holiday parties that come around once a year that a company could do to show their appreciation to their employees or clients.  The purpose should be of professional manner and not just an everyday birthday celebration of a worker.  You want to keep your company image, but still show a personal side to your organization.


Tip #4:  Have an etiquette policy for every event


This means as the planner provide a statement through the Human Resources to hand out a party etiquette information sheet.  This is a great idea to keep people attending the party remember what party they are attending.  The information sheet should include how to dress (if your company has a dress code) and ways to keep your professional dignity in and out of the corporation.  I think that giving people a tangible reminder will help the guests stay within the company policy as to not violate any rules that the company has.  Just remember to keep the information sheet written in a tone that is nice and not condescending to the people reading the sheet.   Remind people of your company’s professional manner  and that they should have fun but stay within the limits to keep the image of the company at its best.


Hopefully these tips will help you keep your next corporate party fun but stay within that professional image that most companies strive for!






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