How to Keep it Professional: Part 1!

19 Oct


Businesses, especially this time of year, are going to be throwing company events.  I am not talking about corporate meetings, I want to talk about it from a “party” standpoint.  These types of events are most-likely put on by the company or organization for their employees, clients, other company branches, or for future employees/clients.  Making sure that the event stays professional is probably the hardest thing about these types.  So, I am going to supply you with a few tips to keeps your corporate occasions professional as possible.

Tip #1:  Watch the alcohol!

This one is probably the most important tip that you as the planner, boss, employee, or future of any of the above need to pay extra attention to this tip!  The planner needs to make sure that the company, first of, is allowed to have alcohol at the event.  If that is so, then the planner needs to make sure that the alcohol is of appropriate context, meaning staying away from the too much hard alcohol for people to do shots with; this is a corporate event you want it to stay classy as possible.  The boss, employee, or future clients need to watch their alcohol consumption, as to not make a fool out of themselves.  This can go either way with an employee seeing a boss, or a boss seeing one of their employees,  act and look like an idiot and lose mass amounts of respect for them.  So please spare me the book I could write on the horrors I have seen at company parties…. Just act responsible and don’t lose your professional nature under the influence of alcohol no matter the company culture.

Tip #2:  Don’t lose that “work” theme

So as the planner you want to make the party look good, just remember to  keep the event clean, classy, and coordinating.  Keeping the party clean means do not have messes of decorations in the location that you are hosting the event.  You want the decorations to look neat and planned out to follow a reasonable budget.  Keeping the theme classy depends on the location of the party.  It is a work party so if you are moving the location outside of the office keep it somewhere that is work appropriate.  My best suggestion is stay away from bars or clubs (hence tip # 1) and maybe do more of a restaurant or warehouse setting.  Keeping the theme coordinating means to keep all  decorations on the more neutral side so you as the planner do not offend anyone in the workplace.  You do not have time to learn or know each persons’ beliefs, styles, or likes; so play it safe and stick with simple and neutral decorations.

So here are a couple great tips to keeping your work party professional and I will provide you with a couple more in part 2!


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