Fall Is Here

14 Oct

All this fall in the air and the recent festival that I attended got me very excited for the fall events.  Fall is probably my most favorite time of the year to throw and event because of the warm colors, types of  yummy food, and fun activities.   Fall has many options as far as fall themes to choose from.  You as the planner could do anything as far as making it business professional or more personal.  I myself like having more personalized fall events for family and friends.

So the food is a very important part of the more personalized family functions.  You want the food to be correlating with the weather and the tone of the festivity.  I myself, like having warm dishes at these functions due to the usually chilly air outside.  I also think that warm hearty dishes is a great way to make your family and friends feel welcome and like they are joining you for dinner.  I think that the food can really bring people together, especially when they can sit, talk, and enjoy the great company of one another.

The decorations have to be my favorite part about fall events.  I love what reds, oranges, golds, and browns look like all together.  I think that the color scheme is inviting and all mesh very well with each other.  The decorations can be many different things depending on the type of look that  you are going for at your event.  I like to put pumpkins, fall leaves, and fall cornucopias out because I like to capture the outside on the inside.  With these decorations they are suitable for any event before or after Halloween.

As far as the activities goes I like the family friendly ones.  As the event planner you could choose many carnival like games such as a cake walk, pumpkin painting, or anything that incorporates family time.  I think that not only the decorations are my favorite part about fall; I also love the family atmosphere of being together.

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