October Fun!

12 Oct

I recently attended an event that was pretty well put together.  It was an outdoor October festival that was geared towards beer, hot dogs, Germany, pumpkins and crafts.  I thought that this festival might be a little interesting adding crafts into the mix with beer and pumpkins; but all the themes had great synergy with one another.  The outdoor event was decorated nicely and held in a location that fit into the theme of the festival.  It was held outside in a wooded area that had the feelings and color of fall all over.  When you first entered the event you were greeted by two huge inflatable beer mugs, hay barrels to sit on, a pumpkin patch, and people dressed up.   Overall the first impression of this festival was great and all the decorations seemed to flow nicely together.

The event was set up with many booths.  The first booth had all the tickets, which got you into the food and beer booths.  I thought that this was a good idea so that the servers did not have  to be dealing with the money and trying to serve food at the same time.  This method of multiple booths also helped break the crowd up into sections so that there wasn’t one long line.  Behind the food were the craft booths.  The crafts coincided nicely with the environment of the event.  The crafts were appropriate to the styles and tastes of the customers attending the event.  By adding the crafts it gave the customers a type of souvenir if they were to choose to buy one and also gave entertainment by walking around and seeing the different sites.

There was a live band playing polka music that fit nicely into the atmosphere of the festival.  It set the tone as a fun outside fall event.   The music could be heard throughout the whole location.  The band leader also worked as the master of ceremonies; so it made the event flow into each activity with ease.  The workers were all dressed up in costumes, which made it a more inviting event for families.  The pumpkin patch was a great idea for the children who attended because it gave the family an activity to do together while enjoying the music and food.

Overall it was a very well done event that the planner put a lot of time and effort into.  The only downfall I would say is that there was not enough parking or driving room for all the attendees at the event.  I did however like the location for the theme of the event.  I would definitely attend this event again next year!


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2 responses to “October Fun!

  1. Adam Partain

    October 13, 2011 at 12:06 am

    I was at this event also. I saw you there! I didn’t have to worry about the parking though since I was all over Tahoe on bikes that weekend. It was a great way to get around! I also went to the kokanee salmon festival which was also pretty awesome. So crowded but definitely enjoyable. Great post!

    • meganehaney

      October 14, 2011 at 5:08 pm

      Thanks Adam! I like the bike idea for sure!! I will have to remember that for next year!


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