Technically Correct!

07 Oct

Technology can be a tremendous helper when planning events on a strict budget and time table.  I however might add, technology can be a tremendous helper if the user is tech savvy.  So, assuming that you as a current event planner should be up-to-date with the latest technology, you can find great help with these tools.

One of my favorite pieces of technology to use is my smart phone.  It is like having a mini computer, scheduler, reminder, and all of the above with me at all times.  I can be connected 24/7 to whom or what I need to be connected with in order to plan an event successfully.  I can create a calendar so I can keep all my appointments and meetings straight.  I have all my phone numbers at hand.  I can set alarm clocks or reminders to tell me when something is coming up, that I either need to attend or check up on.  I think it truly is the best piece of technology invented for this industry if the user knows how work it correctly.

Another great piece of technology that I rely on is my Microsoft Office.  I know that this is technically a tool for technology, but it is something that could not happen without the correct technological medium.  Microsoft Office allows me to create spread sheets so that I can make sure that I am coming in under budget.  The spread sheets also allow me to create a list of items that I either need or accomplished.  Microsoft Office is another great tool to helping planners stay organized and ahead of the game.

I also love Google search!  It can tell me anything that I need to know.  If I need to know more about my client or organization I can just Google them to better acquaintance myself with them and their style.  I have found that any question, picture, place that I need can be found on this great search engine.  It helps me see prices so that I can better plan accordingly, and see if dates are available at certain venues for the clients.  Technology has come so far and it is very beneficial to the event industry and creating successful events.

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