It Is All About The Attitude

05 Oct

I read a very interesting blog post today about the reputations of event planners today.  So, I decided to think about the attitudes of event planners that I have crossed in the past.  I have noticed that the attitudes of event planners usually have to deal with the type of event they are planning.  There are many factors that play into the attitudes of the planners.  There are those few exceptions that throw off the average; those planners whose personalities overtake no matter the event.

I have known wedding planners to be very pleasant people and to have generally nice attitudes.  Wedding planners know that they are dealing with people who are in love, probably easily stressed when it comes to the wedding, and know as wedding planners they will need the help of many people to make this event happen.  Wedding planners know that in order to please their client, they must act as if they are happy as they are that they are getting married.  Usually the wedding planning process is quite long, so wedding planners must form great relationships with their clients and other vendors in the business.

Some corporate event planners that I have run across come off with usually being the one’s with bad attitudes.  Usually depending on the company or stature of the event dictates the attitude that the planner will have.  I typically find the corporate event planner to be under a strict budget and time constraint; sometimes not enough time is allowed for certain events.  From watching one corporate planner that was put under a short timeline, they came off very disrespectful to their suppliers and acted as if they were better than them.  The planner showed no care or concern about the supplier; their only concern seemed to be how their event turned out.

More social or community event planners seem to have a very polite attitude.  These are the people who are usually working for non-profit organizations, who want a lot of donations and to gain relationships with their community.  These types of event planners work with what money they have and work very hard to make their event as great as possible.  By having a polite and caring attitude, these planners form an emotional bond to their vendors and local organizations in hopes that they will help them out in future events.

The event planner industry is full of every type of person and there is no way to exactly predict the type of attitude each person will display at work.  I do believe that the circumstance of the event does play a lot to their attitude throughout the whole process of planning an event.  However, with enough time, money, support, and organizing an event planner should display the best possible attitude and show respect to the “helpers” of the industry.

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