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Creating an Experience

You want your events to not only obtain beauty and style but also create an experience.  Experiences stick with people and make lasting and memorable impressions.  So exactly does creating an experience mean?

An experience can mean many things to different people.  My definition of a good experience is something that makes someone stop and take the moment in.  It is something that makes me “aww” and “ooh” over the details and little quaint touches.  An experience will help capture your audience and take them into a new place.

So exactly how do you create that magical and unforgettable experience?  You create that experience through anything such as: lighting, food, decor, design, entertainment, favors, people, and anything that makes something a good experience.  Most people do not expect the something little to create an experience, but no matter the budget or size, you can create a good experience for your guests.  Lighting is one of my favorite things to do at an event!  It can take people into another environment depending on the color, brightness, and placement.  It really is something like that simple to turn your average event into an experience.    Food can really make an event.  People tend to socialize over yummy food and drinks.  You want your food to compliment you event and not ruin it.  Depending on the time and nature of the event you want to choose your food selection carefully.  There are so many options or even an option to not have food at all.  It is really up the planner and the client, but just remember to make sure it is a asset to the experience.

Anything really can be your event experience, you just want to make sure that you leave a good, lasting, and memorable experience for everyone attending the event.  You as the event planner, the company, or the host want people to leave saying good things about your event and want people to come back if you host another event for that same wonderful experience.

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Finding That Niche in Your Event

Courtesy of: Gran Melia Resorts Cancun              What does this event say about you?


Having that special something that stands out from the crowd can really make an event unique.  Having just one thing that takes your event to another level can really set a lasting impression for guests.  I think that every event should have a special niche that stands out.  I am a huge fan being unique and individual, especially when it comes to event planning.  I think that even the most boring or professional event should have that little individuality or personality to it.  I must say that it doesn’t need to be something completely extravagant that it breaks the bank, just something personal or exceptional that stands out.

I think my favorite events to go to have that little niche that makes those events belong to the host or organization.  For example a wedding I just went to the groom loved baseball and the bride incorporated detailed and personal baseball references throughout her elegant wedding.  The special touches were not too grand to take away from her elegant theme, but just enough to tie in that emotional connection that you felt to them by the end of the night.  The bride displayed the baseball niche tastefully and creatively, which made their wedding belong to them and no one else.  It was great to see it wasn’t the average cookie cutter wedding  by adding those unique characteristics that I have not seen at many other weddings.

As planners for other clients or for your own events, find what is personal and unique about yourself or your clients.  Bring that through to your events and make them something special.

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How to Keep it Professional: Part 2!!

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So I have provided you as event planners a couple ways to keep your office parties professional.  My first helpful tip was to watch the alcohol, which is the most important tip in my opinion!  The second tip was do not lose that “work” theme, meaning to stay within the context of your organization and don’t forget who and what the party is for.  So let me share a couple more helpful tips to keeping it professional!

Tip #3:  Plan a party for a purpose!


Having a purpose to a party is a great way to keep those office get-togethers professional.  The purpose means plan something that is worth planning, do not just have an company party for the heck of it, I think that is a waste of valuable time and money.  The purpose should be something special like the holiday parties that come around once a year that a company could do to show their appreciation to their employees or clients.  The purpose should be of professional manner and not just an everyday birthday celebration of a worker.  You want to keep your company image, but still show a personal side to your organization.


Tip #4:  Have an etiquette policy for every event


This means as the planner provide a statement through the Human Resources to hand out a party etiquette information sheet.  This is a great idea to keep people attending the party remember what party they are attending.  The information sheet should include how to dress (if your company has a dress code) and ways to keep your professional dignity in and out of the corporation.  I think that giving people a tangible reminder will help the guests stay within the company policy as to not violate any rules that the company has.  Just remember to keep the information sheet written in a tone that is nice and not condescending to the people reading the sheet.   Remind people of your company’s professional manner  and that they should have fun but stay within the limits to keep the image of the company at its best.


Hopefully these tips will help you keep your next corporate party fun but stay within that professional image that most companies strive for!






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How to Keep it Professional: Part 1!


Businesses, especially this time of year, are going to be throwing company events.  I am not talking about corporate meetings, I want to talk about it from a “party” standpoint.  These types of events are most-likely put on by the company or organization for their employees, clients, other company branches, or for future employees/clients.  Making sure that the event stays professional is probably the hardest thing about these types.  So, I am going to supply you with a few tips to keeps your corporate occasions professional as possible.

Tip #1:  Watch the alcohol!

This one is probably the most important tip that you as the planner, boss, employee, or future of any of the above need to pay extra attention to this tip!  The planner needs to make sure that the company, first of, is allowed to have alcohol at the event.  If that is so, then the planner needs to make sure that the alcohol is of appropriate context, meaning staying away from the too much hard alcohol for people to do shots with; this is a corporate event you want it to stay classy as possible.  The boss, employee, or future clients need to watch their alcohol consumption, as to not make a fool out of themselves.  This can go either way with an employee seeing a boss, or a boss seeing one of their employees,  act and look like an idiot and lose mass amounts of respect for them.  So please spare me the book I could write on the horrors I have seen at company parties…. Just act responsible and don’t lose your professional nature under the influence of alcohol no matter the company culture.

Tip #2:  Don’t lose that “work” theme

So as the planner you want to make the party look good, just remember to  keep the event clean, classy, and coordinating.  Keeping the party clean means do not have messes of decorations in the location that you are hosting the event.  You want the decorations to look neat and planned out to follow a reasonable budget.  Keeping the theme classy depends on the location of the party.  It is a work party so if you are moving the location outside of the office keep it somewhere that is work appropriate.  My best suggestion is stay away from bars or clubs (hence tip # 1) and maybe do more of a restaurant or warehouse setting.  Keeping the theme coordinating means to keep all  decorations on the more neutral side so you as the planner do not offend anyone in the workplace.  You do not have time to learn or know each persons’ beliefs, styles, or likes; so play it safe and stick with simple and neutral decorations.

So here are a couple great tips to keeping your work party professional and I will provide you with a couple more in part 2!


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Fall Is Here

All this fall in the air and the recent festival that I attended got me very excited for the fall events.  Fall is probably my most favorite time of the year to throw and event because of the warm colors, types of  yummy food, and fun activities.   Fall has many options as far as fall themes to choose from.  You as the planner could do anything as far as making it business professional or more personal.  I myself like having more personalized fall events for family and friends.

So the food is a very important part of the more personalized family functions.  You want the food to be correlating with the weather and the tone of the festivity.  I myself, like having warm dishes at these functions due to the usually chilly air outside.  I also think that warm hearty dishes is a great way to make your family and friends feel welcome and like they are joining you for dinner.  I think that the food can really bring people together, especially when they can sit, talk, and enjoy the great company of one another.

The decorations have to be my favorite part about fall events.  I love what reds, oranges, golds, and browns look like all together.  I think that the color scheme is inviting and all mesh very well with each other.  The decorations can be many different things depending on the type of look that  you are going for at your event.  I like to put pumpkins, fall leaves, and fall cornucopias out because I like to capture the outside on the inside.  With these decorations they are suitable for any event before or after Halloween.

As far as the activities goes I like the family friendly ones.  As the event planner you could choose many carnival like games such as a cake walk, pumpkin painting, or anything that incorporates family time.  I think that not only the decorations are my favorite part about fall; I also love the family atmosphere of being together.

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October Fun!

I recently attended an event that was pretty well put together.  It was an outdoor October festival that was geared towards beer, hot dogs, Germany, pumpkins and crafts.  I thought that this festival might be a little interesting adding crafts into the mix with beer and pumpkins; but all the themes had great synergy with one another.  The outdoor event was decorated nicely and held in a location that fit into the theme of the festival.  It was held outside in a wooded area that had the feelings and color of fall all over.  When you first entered the event you were greeted by two huge inflatable beer mugs, hay barrels to sit on, a pumpkin patch, and people dressed up.   Overall the first impression of this festival was great and all the decorations seemed to flow nicely together.

The event was set up with many booths.  The first booth had all the tickets, which got you into the food and beer booths.  I thought that this was a good idea so that the servers did not have  to be dealing with the money and trying to serve food at the same time.  This method of multiple booths also helped break the crowd up into sections so that there wasn’t one long line.  Behind the food were the craft booths.  The crafts coincided nicely with the environment of the event.  The crafts were appropriate to the styles and tastes of the customers attending the event.  By adding the crafts it gave the customers a type of souvenir if they were to choose to buy one and also gave entertainment by walking around and seeing the different sites.

There was a live band playing polka music that fit nicely into the atmosphere of the festival.  It set the tone as a fun outside fall event.   The music could be heard throughout the whole location.  The band leader also worked as the master of ceremonies; so it made the event flow into each activity with ease.  The workers were all dressed up in costumes, which made it a more inviting event for families.  The pumpkin patch was a great idea for the children who attended because it gave the family an activity to do together while enjoying the music and food.

Overall it was a very well done event that the planner put a lot of time and effort into.  The only downfall I would say is that there was not enough parking or driving room for all the attendees at the event.  I did however like the location for the theme of the event.  I would definitely attend this event again next year!


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Technically Correct!

Technology can be a tremendous helper when planning events on a strict budget and time table.  I however might add, technology can be a tremendous helper if the user is tech savvy.  So, assuming that you as a current event planner should be up-to-date with the latest technology, you can find great help with these tools.

One of my favorite pieces of technology to use is my smart phone.  It is like having a mini computer, scheduler, reminder, and all of the above with me at all times.  I can be connected 24/7 to whom or what I need to be connected with in order to plan an event successfully.  I can create a calendar so I can keep all my appointments and meetings straight.  I have all my phone numbers at hand.  I can set alarm clocks or reminders to tell me when something is coming up, that I either need to attend or check up on.  I think it truly is the best piece of technology invented for this industry if the user knows how work it correctly.

Another great piece of technology that I rely on is my Microsoft Office.  I know that this is technically a tool for technology, but it is something that could not happen without the correct technological medium.  Microsoft Office allows me to create spread sheets so that I can make sure that I am coming in under budget.  The spread sheets also allow me to create a list of items that I either need or accomplished.  Microsoft Office is another great tool to helping planners stay organized and ahead of the game.

I also love Google search!  It can tell me anything that I need to know.  If I need to know more about my client or organization I can just Google them to better acquaintance myself with them and their style.  I have found that any question, picture, place that I need can be found on this great search engine.  It helps me see prices so that I can better plan accordingly, and see if dates are available at certain venues for the clients.  Technology has come so far and it is very beneficial to the event industry and creating successful events.

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