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Determining Your Audience

Planning an event is not only about the company or person you are planning it for; it is also about the audience of the event.  As an event planner, it is important to know who your audience is.  Knowing the audience can help form the type of event that you will plan.  Knowing your audience will usually help the success of the event by catering to the more dominant needs of the crowd.  Figuring out who will be attending the event is a crucial aspect to strategic event planning.

Once the audience is established, you then can make your event fit your audience.  Depending on the event, even if you are promoting a certain product, your event should still stay in line with the crowd that you are trying to please.  If you want to create a certain atmosphere within your event, such as a fun lively environment, and your audience is made up of mostly older people, there are many things that you could do to capture the scene.  You as the planner creating a fun atmosphere could play music or games from the older crowds generation.  You could make it themed to follow your desire, but also interest the audience.

It is very important to know your audience before the planning process of an event takes place.  The audience is a factor in molding the event and creating the scenario of your choice.  The audience at an event is like a customer at the store, you want to provide great service and meet their needs.  If you treat your audience like a well-taken care of customer, they will most likely enjoy the event and contribute to the overall good experience of the event.


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Do You Think They Planned This Theme?

Does your event have a theme, well in my experience every event has a theme, whether they know it or not.  The theme can be anything from a simple color scheme to an elaborate fairytale.  Even if you don’t necessarily think that your event has or needs a set theme, you should try and create how you want guests to view your event.  The theme sets the tone for the event and helps you plan more strategically for your event.

What is the event about and trying to capture?  This is the theme that you as event planners should follow.  If you are planning an event for an organization and you want the guests to still see how professional your company is; then one of your themes for the event is to look professional and carry that throughout the event.  This would mean no wild looking colors or patterns in the decorations, speaking of decorations, in a more professional setting  they would be very minimal.  The lighting would be bright and if music was necessary, the music would be soft and universal.  You as the planner want to respect the reputation of the organization and cater to the audience who is attending the event.

An event can have multiple themes as long as they fit together tastefully.  This means do not try an marry two or three incompatible ideas throughout the event.  A good example would be the company party that I attended that thought it would be a good idea to display alcohol and drinking games with a theme of family day at a park.  Alcohol and family events do not mix well, and that was made clear when most of the families with children left the company event very early.  So, when planning themes make sure that they flow nicely and fit with the environment of the event.  Take time to plan accordingly and think how best to convey the look that you are trying to accomplish.

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Time, We Live By It!

Deadlines, time, and calendar dates are what people run off of in this world we live in.  So, to no surprise when planning an event, setting a date is very crucial.  The date and time sets the constraints that the event planners have to be finished with their projects.  It also sets the stress level of how long the planning process will be.

Time constraints dictate the flow of planning the event.  This means the process of how things will get down in a certain amount of time.   By having a set date this allows planners to allocate plenty of time, resources, and creativity to finish the event.  By being able to accurately decide how long certain processes with take, this will help accomplish project.  Timelines should be made and visible to follow during this stage of planning.

Getting all tasks completed by the date is the main purpose for an event date.  As mentioned earlier, making a timeline is very helpful.  Constructing a timeline with points of accomplishment and check boxes will help ensure that all tasks are being completed within the timely manner that was set.  Making timelines visible at all times will help keep the mindset of the planner involved and constantly stewing up good ideas.  It will also help the planner figure out their time management for the event and how to work it around their everyday  life.

When event dates go public there is no backing out and asking for more time to plan.  These date, deadlines, and times are set and all tasks need to be completed.  So, by creating timelines and plans of accomplishment, this will help the stress level of planning events.  It will also ensure that the event is done on time and all your hard planning paid off.

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The Importance of Budgets

When planning an event of any type, budget is the word that circulates the planning process throughout.  What does a budget mean? A budget as defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary, is “the amount of money that is available for a particular purpose.”  A budget can mean the exact amount that the event should not exceed.  It can also mean an estimation of what a person or organization is willing to spend to work on the event.

Budgets hold a certain importance to planning an event.  The budget will determine the type of event that the person or organization will host.  It can be a grand budget to create an extravaganza or the budget can be more modest.  The budget is important to determine what details of the vision will come to life.

It is also good to know that a budget does not have to be of a certain limit to achieve the event look and stature that you are planning.  Any event can be what you want it to be, it just will take some strong planning and smart purchasing.  It is true however, that with a very large or unlimited budget an event can have every feature that is desired, but the budget does not dictate the true beauty that the event can possess.

Remember to stay within that budget to best of your ability.  By not going over a budget, it can take off a lot of stress that you as the event planner do not want to deal with.  Setting a budget from day one and staying strict about it is key to planning an event.  In the planning process a budget can keep growing as time goes on, so stay set with the original amount.  Be strong and savvy when planning and purchasing for an event; in the end you will be satisfied with the end result or just happy by not having an empty bank account.

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Strategic Event Planning Through Strict Time Constraints and Budgets

I am a full-time student who is studying business management.  My passion is in  event planning.  I love hosting events and planning them down to every last detail.  Once I know the company, person, or organization I can plan events for the different needs.  I am here to talk about event planning through time constraints and budgets.  I believe that with any budget, big or small; or any amount of time given to plan, events can happen flawlessly.  I recently just finished planning my very own wedding, and it was a year long process of work, stress, and strategy.  I started with a set budget and a date I had to have it all accomplished by.  I had to figure out how to invite the maximum amount of people, with a certain amount of money, and try to get the most for my buck.  I had to create my ultimate vision in a short amount of time with a certain amount of money.  I believe that I created a room of romance, beauty, and fed over two hundred people for my set budget.  I created my vision, along with the help of my hired professionals that captured the exact dream of my wedding.  I am here to help give insight and tips to event planning; no matter the event, time constraint, or budget.  I will share personal experiences, friends stories, and also reactions to events that I have attended.  I will provide readers with helpful hints to creating stress-free events.  I will show how I strategically went about my mission and what helped me to create that vision.  I want to show readers events through the eyes of the audience and also give insight to what goes on behind the scenes.


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